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Tax Preparation Services

Fidelity Tax Relief is more than just tax preparation. We provide a wide range of tax services to help protect and educate our clients to get the most out of their taxes every year.  

Audit Protection

Legal representation helps you negotiate with the IRS during and after an audit. An effective attorney can help settle the debt for less than you owe by making an offer in compromise, seeking a penalty abatement or requesting a payment plan.

Without proper representation, an IRS or state audit can quickly take a turn for the worse and leave you vulnerable to additional tax liability or penalities. You wouldn’t represent yourself in court, don’t represent yourself to the IRS. With Fidelity Tax Relief, our tax attorneys are experts at protecting taxpayers and resolving audits as swiftly and economically as possible. 

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Tax Filing

Every year, taxpayers leave over one billion dollars in unclaimed deductions to the IRS. This money is yours by legal right, but the IRS will not give it up without a fight. With the average tax refund currently over $2,000, missing out on deducations that you deserve could potentially cost you and your family thousands every year.

With Fidelity Tax Relief, our tax preparers file taxes all year-round – not just during tax season. Our professionals will review your expenses with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you receive every last cent that you deserve.

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Back Tax Filings

There are currently over 10 million people in the United States who have unfiled tax returns from previous years. If you have past due tax returns, the odds that you also have a tax bill are incredibly high but before you can be eligibile for any type of tax debt relief program, you must be up to date with all tax filings.

That’s where Fidelity Tax Relief comes in. We will ensure that all of your back taxes are filed correctly. Our tax prepares specialize in tax prep for those in tax debt and are experts in filing back tax returns. With Fidelity Tax Relief by your side, we will ensure that you are in the best possible position to request tax relief help from the IRS.

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Tax Consulting

If you own a business or have had a major life change such as gotten married, had a child, or received an inheritance, chances are the tax filing process is going to be much more complicated than you are used to.

At Fidelity Tax Relief, we offer tax consulting and one-on-one guidance to our clients who need a little extra attention to their case to receive the most out of the refund. If you’re not sure if a tax consultant is right for you, give us a call for a free, no-obligation consulation to determine your next steps.

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Tax Planning Services

For many, tax season is a last-minute scramble to gather documents and receipts as they file their taxes which is a sure-fire way to overpay the IRS or state governments. With Fidelity Tax Relief, our tax planning services will ensure that you are prepared for your largest possible refund come tax season as well as present you with a plan to maintain your financial health for years to come. 

To see if tax planning is right for you, give us a call for a free no-obligation consultation and speak to a tax specialist about your options.

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