Tax Resolution

Negotiating with the IRS can be a spine chilling process for those without experience. Fidelity Tax Relief’s experts are exceptionally knowledgeable in the various tax resolution options, and are here to help you resolve all your tax issues.
Depending on your current financial situation and how much your tax liability is, we may be able to negotiate a payment plan, or significant reduction in the total amount you owe. In some cases you won’t have to pay taxes at all, at least for now. In some cases, you can have your back tax obligations permanently forgiven!

 Below are just some of the tax resolution options available through Fidelity:

Offer In Compromise:

An Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) is designed to significantly lower your tax bill. On average, tax payers who are approved for an Offer-in-Compromise end up reducing their tax liability by 80-90%. An Offer in Compromise can be a life-saver as it can result in significant savings for those who truly need it. Read More.

Currently Not Collectible: 

Currently not collectible (CNC)  means exactly what it sounds like. If your wages cover no more than your necessary living expenses and you have no assets worth levying, you are considered currently not collectible. Once we take the necessary steps in order to provide evidence of  your current financial status the IRS will not be able to collect any owed taxes or penalty charges. Read More .

Installment Agreement:

If you cannot pay your tax liability in full, we will negotiate an Installment agreement. This means you can gradually pay off your tax debt in monthly installments. Here at Fidelity Tax Relief, our goal is to negotiate an Installment agreement that makes financial sense to you, minimize the amount of penalties and interest accumulating, as well as ensure you pay off the tax debt in a timely fashion. Read More .

Penalty Abatement:

 If you are facing penalties for not filing or paying your taxes on time, you may be able to get those penalties removed through penalty abatement. Penalty Abatement may be the best solution in resolving your IRS Tax Debt, and we can help you determine if this may be an option for you. Read More.